About Wales's Christian Heritage

Wales' Christian Heritage is not affiliated to any church or group. Our aim has been to identify those individuals from all denominations who have enriched the spiritual life of Wales and to find the places where they lived, worked, preached and prayed. This website is complementary to our other websites for England (www.englandschristianheritage.org.uk) and Scotland (www.scotlandschristianheritage.org.uk).  For general tourist information, visitors should consult www.visitwales.co.uk.

Unfortunately it is not possible to include information on opening times, disabled access or other facilities. Wherever possible, visitors should check details in advance. 

Houses and other places mentioned may still be privately owned and not open to the public. If you visit, please respect the privacy of the owners and do not trespass on private property.

Every effort has been made to check the accuracy of the information. We apologise for any errors. Wales' Christian Heritage is copyright. The information may be printed for personal use only.

Mark Shephard (Author and Webmaster)


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